Flow Technologies: Delivering Comprehensive Data Center Expertise in action

At Flow Technologies, our extensive network of data center specialists ensures agile and tailored solutions to complex challenges. We not only bring flexibility and speed to our clients but also bear unwavering accountability for every project we undertake.

Highlight of Our Recent Projects (2022-2024):

1. High-Profile Datacenter, Baltic States

Development of a commercial strategy differentiating between indirect and direct B2B sales.

Offered boardroom and executive team consultancy, portfolio advancement, and advisory board support.

2. Broadcasting Tower & Datacenter Firm, Spain (Stock Listed)

Geared towards a global clientele.

Chalked out commercial strategies focusing on data centers and 5G solutions.

Undertook sales readiness research in the Netherlands, France, and Spain, integrating a unique mystery customer approach tailored to conventional datacenter portfolio business cases.

3. 30MW Datacenter, The Netherlands

Conducted feasibility studies for a proposed 30MW datacenter.

Business planning and sketch design encompassing architectural, electrical, and cooling aspects, along with layout planning and environmental permitting strategies.

Achieved engineering, construction, and budgetary planning.

Successfully secured a 30MW feed from the electricity network operator. Currently assisting the client in evaluating the pros and cons of a powered shell sale versus initiating a new datacenter operation or partnerships.

4. Mid-Sized Datacenter, West Netherlands

Performed comprehensive commercial and operational due diligence.

Assisted an investment firm with insights into a prospective mid-sized datacenter acquisition, further bolstered by a top-tier consultancy firm’s support. Key due diligence elements included portfolio analysis, market mix, and evaluation of organizational and technical frameworks.


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