“The Flow Technologies enabled our bureau in this harsh Covid-19 period, to continue to work seamlessly within as well as outside our offices, all with the same speed and security that we need in this new era of office use.”

— Marco Gianotten, Founder GIARTE and the founder of XLA (eXperience Level Agreement)

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We Design, Integrate and Operate Smart Building Services together with top notch partners in the Proptech and technical installation field via our platform: the PropTechHub by The Flow©. We connect commercial real estate on our SmartReadyNetwork by The Flow©.

Our goal is to facilitate leading edge (IOT) solutions in Smart Buildings with maximum support for human Xperience and well-being. We support and facilitate working in hybrid environments, such as working from the office and working from home via the same secured network.

Our approach discloses a modular implementation of integrated smart services for existing commercial real estate as well as for new build offices.

Via our platform, we enable our Proptech partners to provide their services in a scalable model and help them to migrate their services into futureproof scalable and integrable models. Systems and applications can work together flawlessly. Our network provides offices to benefit to the max from these services, in a user friendly way.

Seamless integrations of all the automation and human behavior elements in your building requires enterprise class converged IP Networks, which is the spine for integrations. Together with our partners we design, integrate, deliver and most important: We operate your smart services needs as a futureproof service.

We elaborate the need for a facility management service through automated data driven maintenance programs. Or more common integrations like light control, access management, face recognition and for example your room booking systems, all accessible through your current calendar system and one single integrated app.

The Flow Technologies has won The Smartest Building Award 2020 in The Netherlands with the building at the Houthavens in Amsterdam, carrying our brand “The Flow”